Aye the hep to your hap is here
The cherry tomato...Is mine
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I'm highschool senior who talks about KPOP stars like I know them personally, with an unhealthy addiction to Japanese candy and a weird obsession with maknaes


i love these girls lots and i love them even more together as cutie pie girlfriends


when someone accidentally spoils your favourite tv show and then tries to apologise 


→ Important regarding Ameba Fairy Kei and Lolita girls :


A few months back I was reading through an old 2chan thread (a japanese forum) about fairy kei, and I came across something that worried me.

The Japanese girls were worried about the fact that tumblr users were stealing their pictures, and didn’t want them stolen whether they…



you are the dancing queen, young and sweet only seventeen.

that is a raccoon


This blog supports bisexual women having relationships with men if that’s what makes them happy, and this blog defends their right to not be called hetero for these life choices.