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BAP's reactions to their gf giving them a lap dance?


Yongguk - Yongguk’s a man of course, but he’d have the slightest hint of a blush on his face. His ears would be a bit pink when he lets out one of those cute giggles of his. He’d eventually get over the initial embarrassment and start really getting into it after a while. Yongguk wouldn’t really touch you at that moment. He’d be patient and wait until you initiate the touching first. Once the touch barrier is broken, he would happily have his hands on your hips to pull you in closer for a lil’ some something.

Himchan - Oh boy, this guy is going to be eye fucking you pretty hard. He’d have an intense stare and he’d be biting his lips wantonly. He wouldn’t hesitate in touching you at all. His hands would be all over his curves and you’d seriously be on his lap within five minutes.

Daehyun - Daehyun would be happily giggling like the obnoxious idiot he is. He wouldn’t be giggling because he thinks it’s funny. He’d be overwhelmed with joy going, “WHA? You’re actually doing this? YES!”. He’d be watching with a massive smile that reaches his ears and makes his eyes seem smaller. Daehyun would really appreciate this.

Youngjae - Oh Youngjae, little Youngjae. He’d be blushing extremely hard. Almost to the point where he wants to cover his eyes. He wouldn’t cover his eyes of course, Youngjae is smarter than that. But his mouth would be open in a little “O”. He’d giggle a bit too. But more than anything he would be unable to make eye contact most of the time.

Jongup - Oh ho ho hoooo. Jongup would like this. Yes he can be shy at times. But not now. He’s a dancer, so he’d really appreciate this. Usually he’s the one doing the sexy dance moves. Seeing you do this would be a serious turn on for him. Jongup wouldn’t make eye contact with you either. But it wouldn’t because he’s too shy. He’d just be too busy staring at the way your body moves and how sexy he thinks you are to pay attention to anything else. Jongup would seriously watch your body and go, “Amazing”. 

Zelo - Zelo would be shocked at first. He’d stare at you without an expression. But he’d soon get into it and it would really show. He’d have a smug grin, pleased with what he sees. He’d absolutely love seeing you move for him. And he’d be a little impatient if you drag out your dance too long. Zelo would definitely have ideas in mind and it wouldn’t be dancing.







*hotboxes my school*

Wammy boys.


that why




Cyber harassment study reveals the unsurprising!

It still amazes me that I talk to guys who still think they get harassed just as much as women online. Like even from people who aren’t clearly and totally gross dumbasses. It kinda makes me think that, even in the best cases, it might be hard to really understand the sheer difference in frequency. You see a woman get harassed on a game and you go “Oh well I’ve been harassed” without understanding that there is seldom a session for her where that doesn’t happen or understanding what her inbox might look like…

That is a sort of stunning degree of difference.

"The data’s in! Women were lying about online harassment!”

"Aha! We knew it!

Yeah, they’ve been severely underreporting how bad things are for them, turns out.”

"Wait, what?"




i drew terezi with long legs what else is new


i was thinking about how sad it is that we haven’t had any new albums in well over a year and then i decided to make a photoset of these wonderful track covers mostly because i just wanted to see them all next to each other like this and i was too lazy to track down if someone had already done this


quick terezi before I go to sleep blahhh


'Hey whats up?'

'Your time talking to me'